Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Did you say "Animal Ears"?

You know those goofy looking animal ears kids wear on Halloween? Who would've thought that it would take the fashion industry by storm. A new trend finally crept up; Animal Ears.
We've all seen them hitting the runway, but really, when did it all began? It seems like only yesterday, everyone was raving about ripped tights and Balmain's studded heels, and now suddenly Animal Ears are everywhere. Even several celebrity trendsetters such as
, the Olsen Twins, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Madonna are sporting this kooky look!

Luella was credited for starting this whole wacky trend last summer, even though Comme des Garçons pioneered it way back in 2007, when her models strutted down the runway in "mouse ears", followed by Zac Posen. Of course, Mark Vassallo, a Fashion Director, who was then doing a fashion shot, couldn't be left out of the trend. He immediately contacted Nerida Winter,a hat maker to make him hats in hot pink, adorn with animal ears and little devil horns. After numerous exposure, this crazy trend was then caught on by Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs for their 2009 F/W Collection, as did Moschino Cheap & Chic.

What do you think? Will this trend ever be implemented in our daily wear, or is this just some daring trends only the elites will take on?

For me, I think the whole animal ears thing is quite adorable, and I would love to give it a go, esp
ecially since Halloween is coming soon! I remember having my own pair of "bear ears" which was a dress-up accessory I adored, and recently I tried searching for them, hoping that I might miraculously still have it. Alas, I threw them away a few years back, thinking that I've "outgrown" them and would never be caught in them. Who knew it would make such a statement now? With the Olsen Twins known for their fashion influence, this trend is bound to be going around for a while. I might just try making my own Maison Michel's inspired lace ears. It looks pretty do-able, no?

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Fashionable Earth said...

love the bunny ears look !! for a diy version, read here:

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