Thursday, October 29, 2009


What is one of the most exciting thing that has ever happened here in KL? No, it's not Black Eye Pea's concert or Akon's concert, because frankly, I don't listen to them much.

Yvan Rodic AKA Facehunter is visiting KL! Omigosh, oh wow, oh mon dieu, how crazy is that?! I am very upset because I'll be stuck at home studying for my SPM coming up in 3 weeks! Bummer.

To the few of you lucky people who are free from exams for the year, he will be at Zouk, Barsonic for the Toontown Horror (Halloween party) on October 31st. Don't forget to dress to impress, and perhaps I will see you featured in the Facehunter. Also, don't forget to show me some photos.

PS// Yvan Rodic, if you so happen to be reading this post, please do come back to KL after December 8th, you will make me very happy.



Kaiser said...

face hunter what 0.0?

(always)alanna said...

whoaaa, and love the dresses below. its something i actually havent seen before
stop by for costumepics!

Annie said...

I'm finally back to blogging!

i actually don't know what facehunter is,
what is it?

love annie ,xx

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