Thursday, October 15, 2009

Hello everybody

I've been skipping school for the past 2 days. In my defence, I didn't skip intentionally, my exams ended on Monday and there were on-going papers on Tuesday and Wednesday, for subjects which I'm not taking.

Yesterday I went to the mall instead! Needed to release some "stress" before I hit the books again to prepare myself for the exams.

Found a couple of shoes which I love so much. I might just go back and buy a pair or two.

I couldn't resist! Had to make a collage out of all I saw yesterday and currently lusting for!

What do you think? If I were to choose one now I'd go for number 3, because I have a thing for beige shoes now. The colour is so pretty! I think I'll be going back there to buy a pair for myself! But then again, I have a soft spot for chunky black heels.. and I'm kinda really in love with the 4th one as well.



Emilie.Katogo said...

I really like No.4

Emmy =)

Desiree said...

Haha I picked that and was gonna pay for it! Unfortunately, I was late and had to leave to meet my mom for lunch, therefore I couldn't get it. But I will the next time I hit the mall!


jane* said...

Hi Desiree--thanks so much for taking the time to stop by my blog, and leave such a thoughtful comment! Your blog is great---judy

Annie said...

thanks for the comment on my blog!
i love your blog!
i've linked and followed you!

those shoes are so pretty btw!

love annie <3

Desiree said...

Aww thank you guys!

Hmm there must've been a technical problem cause you're not appeared on my list of followers. Haha.

michelle_ said...

nice shoe choices .
i personally love the number 1 shoe.. the patent leather and bold zipper rockssss..

Desiree said...

Hahaha too bad I can't get them all! My wallet doesn't permit. :(

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