Thursday, October 7, 2010


I've been so out of it. Lately, all I want to be doing is drink coffee, eating fruit by the foot (which by the way is amazing), while staying in bed watching a good movie.

I need to get my lazy derrière out of my comfy bed and get out there sometime, like go to a super trendy party, or a fashion show with front row tickets (I wish!).

On a different note, I was informed a few week back that I am the winner for TiC's 2nd Birthday Giveaway.

All I had to do is was submit an entry on any celebrity or friend who I think would rock one of the 3 outfits being given away by HujungSHE and stick the dress onto them, like how you would do with a paperdoll.

My entry and the dress I won. The picture does no justice, it looks way better than in the picture.

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