Thursday, July 7, 2011


I suppose with my involvement in various graphic resources website since I was a teen, I've grown accustomed having to constantly change layouts (or rather, I get sick of layouts too quickly).

Some of you may remember Fracture, a graphic resource website which Steph and I had co-owned several years back. Being a website base solely on computer arts + resources, I remember that we would try change our layouts monthly and experiment with various types of layouts and CSS coding to complement the design.

Having said that, I've realized that I am never satisfied with any current layouts I have on this blog for long. Whenever possible, I would try to tweak the header, codings, and sorts in order to achieve brief satisfaction.

So here is it. With the conclusion of my A-Levels examination, I have been working on this new layout, not much of a difference I admit, but still, partial satisfaction achieve. I still stuck with the digital painting I've done but we shall see how long it takes me before I dabble with the layout again. I hope you like it!



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