Monday, October 25, 2010

Trendy Week

College life may be fun, but it can also be pretty hectic - especially if you are trying to maintain good grades, a social life and not to mention combat the daily routine each girl go through of having to decide what to wear for college. Theirin lies the beauty of school uniforms, and of course the sheer boredom that comes with it. I take my hats off to those who resist the urge of abandoning style and individuality for something a little more practical, such as jeans, tees, and sweatshirts; because I too am one of those who throw on a tank top and shorts to college due to time constraint and the want to stay in bed for a little while longer.

I get that comfort and practicality is key to a successful learning environment, but isn't it upsetting to just let that gorgeous article of clothing hang in your wardrobe untouched, and just waiting to be worn?

I say dress up; if not everyday, then at least once in a while. Be that person you watch on television, and admire, because she dresses up, even if it is to school and with an air of confidence, might I add (think Gossip Girl and 90210). Show the campus who you are as a person through style. I assure you, you won't go unnoticed, and of course, getting that one compliment about the ensemble you have on can really boost your confidence and make your day.

Which is why, I declared this week Trendy Week. Trisha and I will stop being lazy and make an effort to dress up in college this week. We actually planned to document this week by snapping shots of people whose outfit we adore, and even be Fashion Police (just for kicks - because we need to spice up our college life during our long breaks).

Lets see if we'll actually do it, the documenting bit I mean. I know one thing for sure, I am definitely going to dress up this week, not just because I jokingly declared it as Trendy Week, but because I realized that letting your gorgeous collection of clothing lay to the wayside is simply dissapointing and waiting for a special occasion to wear them is only futile when you have so much kept aside but only so many events to go to. And besides, why can't everyday be a special day?

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