Monday, November 1, 2010

THE LIST: What's In, What's out.

Very much like a "What's Hot, What's Not" list you get from magazines, but with a slight twist.

Instead, The List chronicles what I think is in (obsessions, likes, mood, events, inspirations etc.) and what's out.

{What's IN}

Dressing up for Halloween. I had a blast with the girls, getting ready for the party, rushing to put on our costumes and helping each other with make up, giving advice, etc.

Watching Moulin Rouge. I love that movie.

Getting the complete set of Sex & The City series. I have seen the movies, and I love it. I hear the series are so much better. How can I resist?

Getting involved in a photoshoot to help my friend for his assignment. How fun!

Maybe, just maybe, attend Malaysia International Fashion Week (M-IFW '10 / MIFA) with Trisha. I'm so excited, she got me an extra ticket!

{What's OUT}

Having Statistics and Economics test in the same week!

Not being able to find my gold Dior lipstick.

Not being able to drive to Pavilion at night for M-IFW '10. My mom gets worried when I get into the car. I doubt it's my driving, which by the way I think is half decent, she is just paranoid that something bad might occur.

Having to find a ride to Pavilion for M-IFW.

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♥NaNa♥ said...

Fun post:) Enjoyed reading it!!

Love Nana

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