Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Aftermath

I think this applies to most people I know; With the commencement of exams, I often find myself creating a "to-do list" to conquer the monotony that comes with studies and revisions.

And ever so often, with the conclusion of the exams, and a start of new term, I come to realize that I never did actually complete that list I made before. My A-Levels second term exam ended a day ago, and all I did was.. well nothing worth mentioning anyway.

A few months ago, I dug out my old acrylic paint set. I remember feeling like I wanted to paint all day long while listening to the classical music of Mozart, Beethoven, and the likes. Ah, how blissful that sounds.

Given the right set of circumstances now that exams are temporarily out of my mind, I shall not fall back into the person I was before. Instead I will, grasp the opportunity to paint my day away and start doing the things I yearned to do while I was in the midst of exams, before the new term for college starts. Unfortunately, that is only a week from now.


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