Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Thank You, Anonymous.

"I actually love your writing choice, very helpful,
don't give up as well as keep posting for the reason that it simply just nicely to read it.
excited to find out way more of your current posts, regards ;)"

Isn't it weird, how something so simple as those two sentences above can just inspire a person? Most of you can probably tell that I have stopped blogging for quite some time. The obvious reason as to why I stopped is because of A-Levels, and how it constantly keeps me busy. Another reason, is that I never actually found a niche. There are so many amazing blogs out there about Fashion, Food, Lifestyle..etc, that I fear my choice of writing would seem somewhat of a monotony.

I was reading some of the previous comments I received from readers, and I found that in one of my previous posts. Unfortunately, that reader did not leave a name or a link. So if you are still reading my blog, I just want to say thank you for inspiring me to share my thoughts in this minuscule fraction of the world wide web, I'd like to call my own.

Merci beaucoup, mon ami. xx

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